You've always been a leader.

School Leadership Programs

You know how to bring out the best in others, to bring people together in teams and to ignite their passion to do amazing things.

But for all you've accomplished, a voice inside you says that your main act still lies ahead – that there is a way to use your talents to make the world better.

If you're driven to do more, if you're driven to use your leadership skills to make your world better, to improve our schools and to build a brighter future for boys and girls in Ohio, then BRIGHT wants you.

It turns out that the very skills you've forged in life hold the power to turn around struggling schools in Ohio.

Inspiring, effective leaders play the pivotal role in driving school performance and academic success for our boys and girls.

Can you imagine going to bed at night saying to yourself, "I helped 500 kids move toward a better life today"? If you can, then perhaps your most important challenge still lies ahead.

Be a BRIGHT New Leader for Ohio Schools.

It's a calling – not a job.

Join us and we'll prepare you to meet the most fulfilling challenge of your career. We'll train you, place you, and support you in the mission to get the very best from teachers, parents and students.


The application window for the 2016-2018 BRIGHT Fellowship is now closed. Thank you for your interest in BRIGHT.



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